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iF YOU OR A LOVED ONE WAS CAUGHT IN A STING do this immediately!!!
Do NOT talk to the police - here's why (watch video)
Say 'I want a lawyer'
Go hire your loved one a lawyer who can go into the jail and speak to them, advise them, help them, NOT the police!!


Police run ILLEGAL proactive stings where they are supposed to be looking for pedophiles. Yet each prosecution nets the state a lot of money. So instead of following the rules in the contract signed by each police division of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children), they break the rules creating ‘criminals’ out of law abiding citizens.
You see, these proactive stings are NOT ALLOWED to post to consenting adult only websites, but they do. Why? because unsuspecting men, looking for companionship in the right places would have no reason to doubt an adult was really corresponding with them. Additionally, police will send out photos of the ‘minor’ using an actual photo of an adult police officer. If that’s not enough to make you think you are talking with a consenting adult, when you get to the agreed location, the adult from the photo will come out to greet you. When you enter the home you are ARRESTED FOR ATTEMPTED RAPE OF A CHILD!
You might not believe this is true, that police would be so dishonest. My son didn’t believe it either and he is about to be sentenced to six years to life.
Please read my blog as I unfurl this cultural atrocity. Having first hand knowledge I will expose these truths in the hope of educating people and creating change. At some point I will want to start a petition with our concerns to pass to my local representatives. I hope you will continue to read, forward to friends and family, and eventually assist me in my outcry of injustice. Thank you for your interest.




 What we are fighting

Illegal Police ICAC proactive stings circumvent laws and steal taxpayer money, by manipulating our emotional, instinctual fear of child abuse.

  1. Do NOT speak to police.

  2. Get a lawyer

  3. Get informed - learn the laws

  4. WAIT! Do not take a fast plea

  5. Know who's on your side

  6. Take this seriously

Talk to your family and friends right away. Some will not believe you and turn away-but the good ones will support you. Show them the facts, LadyJusticeMyth.Blog, have them talk to others caught in this trap.

Remember YOU are the victim.

Join local support groups 

Contact a therapist

Speak to your Clergy

Lost your job? Try these places

This is heavy stress; offset with exercise, healthy eating and good sleep.

Have someone give you affirmations


First Steps First

Speak Out

Join Advocacy Groups

Get Support


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We have a fabulous website with tons of information on all things 'Net Nanny' in Washington State. 

Washington Stats Site

Join our forum below and let's all help each other. Only through our committment to each other, and our raised united voices, can we hope to put a stop to these injustices.

Talk to your Legislators

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If you are like me, your rollercoaster looks something like the following:


1. I just located my loved one, they've been in jail, awaiting their bail hearing, as a sex offender... 

          Numbness/ Frozen  - what should I do? Do we need a lawyer? Where is our car?

2.  Caught in a sex sting??? What, like, with a prostitute? No? With a CHILD??? WTF???

          There's no way this happened, nothing makes sense, what does this even mean?

3.  I find it hard to believe my (loved one) would knowingly do this..

          Oh he didn't know, He answered an adult ad for sex/relationship, met an adult? No child involved??? 

4) This is a big mistake, everything will be taken care of, we're good people.

          The Sting is public news on the Internet now and listing all involved by name as PEDOPHILES!

          What about our rights? Who can we trust if not the police?


I have made this forum, specifically, for you! We KNOW this is happening. We all need support through this. We all want to help fight this. We all have questions.


JOIN US - Share, Support, Add information, FIGHT!


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